Budget woes

It must be that everything happens at once. Property taxes, VW repair, smog, DMV, State taxes.. do I keep going??? And on top of it, the paycheck is quite low for some reason. So the nice bonus B got is really just covering this S#*!… oh well, one day at a time.

Yesterday went well, the computers were down in the infusion room soI got in there a little later than normal. But still in and out within 30 minutes. Next week is my last shot of this cycle plus my Zometa infusion. B has a prior engagement so I’ll be there alone. I haven’t ever done that. Driving is always an issue, but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Today, I’m going into Grocery Outlet for milk and a few other things to get thru. I think we’re having some Costco hotdogs on the grill outside.

I’m stopping to check on the VW. It was suppose to be done yesterday, but he didn’t call and since it was my Dex afternoon, I didn’t feel like calling. So I’ll do that or stop in on my way to Auburn.

Also, today’s the coffee klatch, but I think I’m skipping and just come home after town.

Well, off then to figure out the budget or get frustrated.

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