Wabi Sabi

‘Twas in another lifetime’….. I loved most things Japenese and aspired to a Japanese house. I love shoji screen(still do) , tatami mats, the simplicity and clutter-free environment. There was a year where all we ate for dinner was miso soup with variations. Miso soup for breakfast too! many years later when I was pregnant with my daughter, I wanted a Japanese name. On the edge of the town, as it was then was a wonderful nursery called Yamasaki’s. In the back, in a low-slung house, lived the elder Mr. Yamasaki. I was probably 6-7 months pregnant and when I went in asked him for names. OR specifically,  I asked him what Sachiko meant. He said happy child but more , a blessed child. Well, I felt blessed because it finally took a fertility low dose drug to become pregnant. So Sachiko is my sweet 30 yr old daughter.

So what has this to do with wabi-sabi. Wabi-sabi is the understated. The piece of bark that’s the decoration or the stone from the beach as a center piece. I loved all things Wabi Sabi.

I wonder now if my returning to minimalism isn’t a return to something that shaped our young adult lives. I would guess so. So, no I’m not getting rid of our Ikea couch that I adore,( since I probably couldn’t get up from the floor if we just had pillows. But a little more danshari! Which, by the way, urspo let me know about in a comment. I’ve known of wabi-sabi but actually hadn’t heard of danshari , maybe since that was  more of the decluttering concept. Thanks, Urspo!!


2 thoughts on “Wabi Sabi

  1. “Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, nothing is perfect.” I too love all things wabi sabi, the Japanese aesthetic of finding beauty in imperfection and impermanence. It’s taken time, but I’ve also come to appreciate the aesthetic of mono-no-aware, an awareness and appreciation that all things must pass and of the bittersweet feeling that comes with that knowledge. And, shibui – the beauty of subtlety. Less it more.

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