This is such a sad day in the Myeloma world

It almost more than I can bear. One of my dearest myeloma cyber friends is on life support. He had endured so much in the last 6 months, undergoing two salvage stem cell transplants. These were very hard on him especially the second. A few days ago he was admitted to the hospital with a fever, but things got worse when they discovered his kidneys failing. As Pat said, he never had kidney problems so this was a big surprise. But that’s not the worse. What they discovered was a rare blood problem, where blood clots were forming in veins and not letting oxygen thru to the organs. He also had a brain hemorrhage and became unresponsive.

Pat Killingsworth is a myeloma hero to us all. He worked tirelessly for us all. He wrote a blog post every day to keep us informed of new drugs, trial, his own issues and more. He was a wonderful friend and husband and fur daddy to Finnegan and quite a lot of cats.

I just cannot believe he is gone.

5 thoughts on “This is such a sad day in the Myeloma world

  1. Christina! You wrote my thoughts exactly. Pat was my one of my first myeloma finds when I was first Dx in Dec 2009. My heart is just breaking. I read this on a post yesterday too. So very very very tragic! He was such a vital mover and shaker in the MM world. I bet there will be lots of conversation about the tandem SCTs he had and the intense treatments he recently went thru. I have followed all his posts since 2009. So so so sad.
    Ps- glad you son and his friends are ok from their snow “adventure”. We will always be moms, no matter how old our kids are.
    Hoping you are doing well! xoxo Julie

  2. There has been an incredible outpouring from hundreds of people for Pat. After undergoing 2 modified transplants in Iowa with a world renown myeloma specialist, he actually was cancer free. But the toll on his bone marrow and body was just too much. It is so hard, when he fought to live so hard.

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