The night from HELL!!


Okay, last night was pretty tough. My son and his best 3 friends decided to go up to the snow. His one friend has a fancy  4 wheel drive with lots of extras.  Fast forward  to 10:30 pm, when I get woken by one of the moms calling and leaving a message, that the kids weren’t home yet. I didn’t think too much about it, well, a little, but my son Zephyr is often out quite late. So forward to 12:30 am, and another phone call. This time, I pick up and its the Nevada County sheriff calling( okay, the heart stops for a minute), whether we know where the boys went. No, only up to the snow. Okay, I start freaking out. No cell service up there. Phones turned off.  Okay, really freaking out with, of course, the worst case scenarios. There’s have been an accident, someone’s hurt…

A few phone calls to the one mom and then a very, very very long night.

No sleeping here. Finally around 4 , I fall asleep till maybe 5:45. No calls. So finally I call the mom, and she says they’re getting the helicopter up to go look in this quite remote area…… wait ,wait, wait……..

And wait…. Finally, my son calls at 10:30am….. They’re out of the snow bank and on the way home. Okay… I am too old for this. I think I aged another 10 years over night. .. Okay maybe more.

Well, he got home and I gave him a big hug and said I love you. And you are never going to the snow again ( ha ha ha)!

So tonight , I’m going to bed early, as is my husband  and my daughter and hopefully my sweet 6 ‘4″” son. I love you Zephyr!!


6 thoughts on “The night from HELL!!

  1. OH, My! My 3 sons are now 48, 41, 36, …..and my daughter is 33. I got goosebumps reading your story! ALL of my friends and relatives knew not to call me after 10:00 weeknights, and 12:00 Saturday & Sunday, unless it was a life or death situation. I don’t know how old your son is, but even after they were gone to college, I lay awake nights worrying, even when it was none of my business. The biggest blessing was the sweet ladies they married, but even then, only one of them married at a logical time. ………. All I can say is: “Bless You Real Good” to quote my grandma! I do hope you let him know that the other mother had called and scared you badly! I’m still wondering if my own children will someday know the kind of terror an ‘unaccounted for’ child can bring to a mother! Grandchildren will do another “Number” on you if you get too involved. Mine did~ … but I learned quickly to let the parents do the worrying! (At least I try!)

  2. My son is 21 and quite responsible, so I knew this was out of character so ,of course, with no cell phone activity, I got pretty freaked out. But he’s safe as are the other young men so.. Whew… We did have to notify the sheriffs office so that search and rescue didn’t go out, 😳

  3. OMG! I have been there! Such a horrible feeling when you fear for your child. I have spent a few sleepless nights waiting for my wayward son to get home. He was not as responsible as your son sounds. He is now in his thirties and a parent to a very obstinate 11 year old girl who is gonna be just like him I’m afraid. But they do grow up and develop some sense. I’m so glad they are all safe….and they have an adventure to tell their children about.

  4. I know, it is a horrible helpless feeling. I wanted to go up there and look for him:(
    Thankfully, they knew what to do and dug the truck out in the morning. It was a difficult night.
    I guess a lot of parents must go thru this. It’s hard!

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