Jury Duty, Taxes and other stuff

I’ve been on Jury call all week, and its been APITA. Every day at 4:30 its log on to the court site and check. My biggest concern was getting called Wednesday morning when I was scheduled for my Velcade shot. It worked out, but today is Dex day and I still need to call about tomorrow. WTF.  Hope it works out and I’m not scheduled. Mu daughter and I are going to try out our new cruisers on the American Rive r Bike trail. It’s about a 30-minute drive to get there but it’s the closest option. I can’t really ride too much  but I’m ging to try maybe 5 miles. Then were going to get lunch somewhere. Should be a nice day

The taxes are done and well owe @ $4000. This is because we sold that stock last year and it wasn’t taxed. But this is the first year we’ve been able to deduct medical and that was a big reduction. With my Invisalign at almost $6000 and then the medical copays for my bone marrow biopsy, the second opinion in Seattle, it added up. Plus we kept very detailed donation slips from Goodwill and used them. I need to just go over one last time. Pay for Turbotax set the withdrawal dates and were good to go. I’m thinking 2 payments but I may stick to the original 4. Not sure yet. We have property tax due to next month so,I’ll have to play with the numbers.

WE went to Costco after my shot and did a stock up shop. canned goods, TP, soap, some meat stuff, cheese and more. There was more on my list but it can wait till next time.

Today, a dex day, I’m going to tidy the house, and a few other things. I decluttered another cabinet and threw away an enormous amount of outdated vitamins I thoughtI’d just done it a few months ago, but obviously, I missed some. I’m going to do another cabinet and the maybe go out to the barn. I have a stack of magazines to go and would like to get a few more.

Dinner is polenta with black bean chili and a salad.

Cooking from the freezer is going well, I used two things yesterday and will use a few more today.imagemy Catherine holm collection, one of the few midcentury things I’m still completely in love with. Very hard to find. really only on Ebay.