Early gardening

My daughter and I went to the nursery to get some seedlings. We picked up 4 pony packs of onions, chard and collards.  Also a few more rosemary plants, I think are going to a new bed. Plus some tomato seeds for her to start. She’s really the gardener now. I’m more,’oh look, let’s get that’.  our weather has been really nice and things are beginning to pop. We still have a long way to go until its really gardening time and in March were ordering some  manure for the gardens.

Our bulbs are all coming up and at Costco, I saw some nice lily bulbs for a great price I’d like to back and get before their gone. I’ll go Wednesday after my doctor appt and infusion.

Tonight we ‘re having ‘Drunken noodles’. Not sure why there called this since it’s just tofu and noodles with bell peppers and chile? but that’s what’s on the menu.

Today, at Grocery Outlet and the nursery, I used cash. I will use cash till payday since I don’t want to touch our checking acct. It’s always good to use cash since it makes you so aware of what you’re buying. the budget is tight till payday so probably a good thing.

We watched the season finale of Downton Abby and it was great. No spoilers  but they did a great job ending the series. What a geat period series.