The night from HELL!!


Okay, last night was pretty tough. My son and his best 3 friends decided to go up to the snow. His one friend has a fancy  4 wheel drive with lots of extras.  Fast forward  to 10:30 pm, when I get woken by one of the moms calling and leaving a message, that the kids weren’t home yet. I didn’t think too much about it, well, a little, but my son Zephyr is often out quite late. So forward to 12:30 am, and another phone call. This time, I pick up and its the Nevada County sheriff calling( okay, the heart stops for a minute), whether we know where the boys went. No, only up to the snow. Okay, I start freaking out. No cell service up there. Phones turned off.  Okay, really freaking out with, of course, the worst case scenarios. There’s have been an accident, someone’s hurt…

A few phone calls to the one mom and then a very, very very long night.

No sleeping here. Finally around 4 , I fall asleep till maybe 5:45. No calls. So finally I call the mom, and she says they’re getting the helicopter up to go look in this quite remote area…… wait ,wait, wait……..

And wait…. Finally, my son calls at 10:30am….. They’re out of the snow bank and on the way home. Okay… I am too old for this. I think I aged another 10 years over night. .. Okay maybe more.

Well, he got home and I gave him a big hug and said I love you. And you are never going to the snow again ( ha ha ha)!

So tonight , I’m going to bed early, as is my husband  and my daughter and hopefully my sweet 6 ‘4″” son. I love you Zephyr!!