Santa Barbara

It was a very very long drive here. We took breaks but 7 and 1/2 hours is hard on the back. It was also raining half way down the valley. It was so great to see things wet and green. ElNino is definitely here in California.

So, it’s been windy but nice. Today is suppose to be less windy and warmer. I walked my first 10,000 steps here. My fit bit buzzed. I can feel it, though.:) We walked the beach trail which is beautiful. Then we walked a lot around town.  Santa Barbara is a very rich area. Homes are in the millions here but the area is so amazing you can see why people want to live here.

We finally got to the taqueria that Julia Child made famous. It’s called Super Rica tacos. It really is kinda a dive but the taco I had was pretty great. Usually, there’re huge lines and wait time. We got in fast and hardly any wait.

We went to the Natural History Museum and enjoyed that.