Rainy morning

This was one of my best selling magazines I had. It went for $80 dollars. That actually was kinda cheap. It was one of my raining

It was one of my raininglife752 on my walk and then it even hailed a few minutes. We’re on the countdown to 1000 days of walking. I miscalculated and thought it was this week but it’s next.

Yesterday went well. Doctor visit was good as there was no new news since I’d had all the labs last week while he was on vacation.  He offered to cut my dex, since dex is what is hard to take plus its clearly affecting my eyes with this gland blockage, but I want to wait till this 3rd cycles over and then maybe go down to 16, then 12 or even lower if I can. Dex is not a good thing to be on the long term and I’ve been on very long.

Today was my lunch day with the Friends but I decided not to go and do some cooking(meat sauce for spaghetti and then tidy some and a couple of readers were interested in some magazines, so I was going to go out to the barn and see if I have them.

I’d love to pass them along:)

Budget is looking slim but manageable. B will get a bonus in March and that what keeps us going. We will have property taxes due  and federal. The federal we will do payments. so it won’t ‘hurt ‘ too bad. Well, it will be what are you going to do?

Well, off to do some laundry and then check on magazines.