This is such a sad day in the Myeloma world

It almost more than I can bear. One of my dearest myeloma cyber friends is on life support. He had endured so much in the last 6 months, undergoing two salvage stem cell transplants. These were very hard on him especially the second. A few days ago he was admitted to the hospital with a fever, but things got worse when they discovered his kidneys failing. As Pat said, he never had kidney problems so this was a big surprise. But that’s┬ánot the worse. What they discovered was a rare blood problem, where blood clots were forming in veins and not letting oxygen thru to the organs. He also had a brain hemorrhage and became unresponsive.

Pat Killingsworth is a myeloma hero to us all. He worked tirelessly for us all. He wrote a blog post every day to keep us informed of new drugs, trial, his own issues and more. He was a wonderful friend and husband and fur daddy to Finnegan and quite a lot of cats.

I just cannot believe he is gone.