Tuesday stuff

It is going to be a very beautiful day here in the Sierra foothills. Like 75 degrees. But tomorrow a storm is coming in and the temperature is going to drop to low 50’s. Wind and rain… I have to drive to Sacramento, so I’m hoping I can get there and home before it gets too yucky. I see the doctor tomorrow, so it’s a longer appt time and then my sub q shot.

Everyone is off working today or Z is off to school. So I’m going to tidy the house and then go drop a thrift store load off. I have some more Life magazines to give. If there’s anyone who reads my blog and would like these, they’reĀ free. Just would need some postage money. Some are 1958 and some 60’s. I’m working on trying to get my magazines down to just 4 bins. I made alot of money from this collection so now it’s the left overs plus the ones I want to keep, Kennedy assination, MLKing assinations etc.

Menu for today is split pea soup wtih ham in the crock pot.