Monday musings!!

It’s an exciting day….. It’s day 600 of walking every single day, rain, shine, light dark, snow, ice, whatever. …..
We did it now , I guess it’s on to day 700. Or 650. Not sur how we’ll look at the days.
I copied the simplify from another blogger. I do have to say since I’ve decluttered and removed so much stuff, house cleaning is pretty easy. I also actually got out to the barn and picked 1/2 bag of Life magazines to take to the library to sell for the friends. I’m going to get more today.

It’s martin Luther king day, and it’s always a good time to reflect on what amazing accomplishments were made by this man and many in the early sixties. I am still in awe all these years later.

I’m in the bedroom zone and it’s a super easy zone. Wash windows, change sheets( we do this every Monday), tidy desk, and closet! That’s it. I’ve been thinking about an ikea bed frame with storage under neath. I do have 2 flat bins under the bed now , but I think the frames hold more. I’ll have to check it out.

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