Well, it’s over. The dental surgery under sedation was a snap. Of course, I’m still swollen and look a bit like a chipmunk. But still overall im feeling good. Now it’s a waiting game to see if infection moves in. I think ( well hope) that’s not going to happen. But who knows , right?

So here’s the latest. Saw Dr L yesterday and we talked about my kappa light chains way high. Normal high range is 19, I’m at 788 so pretty high. My monoclonal protein is still at .4 so that’s good, but the light chain test is more sensitive so it does mean myeloma cells are wandering around. So the plan, get a full body xray, 24 hr urine ( protein ) test and the dreaded BMB. This time though I said “I want it under sedation”
I’ve had enough suffering. It doesn’t mean I won’t be sore in my hip but at least I won’t be freaked while it’s happening.

After that, I’m sure we will start Velcade. Velcade is a subqutaneous shot once a week. I’m not too thrilled about driving to sacramento for that once a week , so I may have to say can we do this closer. I’m sure they want to keep it all with Mercy, but I’m the one driving. So…. We’ll see.

Even though I’m still somewhat swollen I’m going in to fill in 2 hours this afternoon.i don’t know why I said yes. They’re not doing me any favors and with the other branch closing, not sure how much she will need me. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the huge news, that the MeadowVista branch is closing.,it’s a very big deal. But, that means she’ll be over at my branch all the time . Plus, they’re wanting to phase out pages so I guess my time is coming. I’d like to make it till August that’ll be 9 years.
But I will not put up with being under valued. ( which really I am already, but not overtly.)

So, lots of stuff going on. Oh, one thing is, I’m off revlimid and DEX till we know more, so that’s kinda cool. Sort of , if my numbers don’t go up.

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