Well, it’s always hard when you have myeloma to wait for the inevitable change of stable to something’s happening. It’s been a hard start of the year. First, all my dental stuff( read prior posts) and then that my kappa light chains are quite high.

The dental extractions seem to be healing pretty good, and we will keep an eye on whether this progresses to a problem of osteonecrosis or not. So far so good. Yeah!

But, since I’m going to be restaged, it’s lots of tests. an easy, 24 hour urine test, a full body exray, but the inevitable BMB. Dreaded, but necessary. I haven’t been feeling great and have had some serious back pain so maybe it’s all in good time.

I really dislike having a lot of appointments though, but I guess that’s what’s in store. After the tests are done and I meet with my doctor in February, we will know what my next treatment plan will be. If it’s weekly Velcade I’m going to have to think thru whether I can keep working. It’s a tough call but will have to be evaluated.

None of this is fun, but having an incurable blood cancer isn’t fun either really.
I suppose not going in all the time an just taking(ha, ha, just taking ) revlimid and DEX gives the illusion of its all ok. But, sooner or later it changes.
I’m not sure what’s in store, but I’m going to keep living my minimalist life style, decluttering even more , and living life to the fullest.

On a great decluttering note…my husband took a leather couch we had stored in the barn, to the street corner to give away for free. Yeah, I love you B!!!!!

So, next week, 2 appointments and a blood test and then a scheduled BMB probably the following week. So it is.

On a happy note, we had a nice fire in our little fire pit outside tonight since our weather is great. Tomorrow is suppose to be very nice too.
I can feel the light changing and even though it’s still winter, here in California the robins are out and the lilac buds are starting.
We are getting lots of chicken eggs even the beautiful green eggs.

My husband took my 16 year van to be smogged today, and when it passed he texted me, passed Smaug…. So I’m naming my van Smaug … It’s still going strong:)😯✨💫