Root canal , or the horrible story of how it all went wrong!

So, bad news to share. I had the first root canal Monday , and thought all was good. He said well, your regular dentist should be able to do a post and then a crown. Ok , that sounded good. Then today. I go in for part one of the second root canal. After and hour and a half. He says” no this won’t work, you need to have this tooth pulled”. Ok, I’m kinda shocked. Then why were we doing this.? So he says the fracture is too deep to save the tooth. And we might as well pull the one we did Monday. So, I’m still in shock like really? What about oestonecrocis of the jaw. Well, downstairs is the oral surgeon so down I go, ( in shock) and they say , well we have a cancellation this afternoon for a consult. So, I take it. So, if you looked at the X-rays, why didn’t you figure this out before. This has cost us , OP $1400.
So, I like this guy he know is stuff, but still this is extraction, can you say ONJ)???
He’s nice and I’m scheduled for Wednesday, and we’re out another $1000. So why did the endodonist do the root canal Monday? If on Friday he’s saying, it’s better just to pull the tooth.? I’m at a loss.
Anyone, have 2 teeth pulled and did not get
ONJ. I hope there’s someone out there with a happy ending.

Sorry to be such a downer, but really, this has been the worst week I can remember in a long time. Then I need to see my doctor on Thursday . So , will I make it after oral surgery pulling 2 teeth under anesthesia? S**** if I know.

3 thoughts on “Root canal , or the horrible story of how it all went wrong!

  1. Thanks for sharing the experience.
    No, your are not a downer
    My tooth had a vertical fracture, and my dentist canceled the root canal. I took it for granted then.
    Hope all will be well!!!

    • Yes, that’s exactly what it is , actually on both teeth. Veritical fractures. So I’m not left with much option as infection is present on one and probabably would occur on the second. ;(

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