When it rains, it pours or something like that!

I’m waiting to get oral surgery on Wednesday. Or should I say trying not to freak out or obsess about my jaw falling apart. The root canal from last week is still hurting so I assuming something he did didn’t go right. Since the tooth is coming out oh, well.
Then on Sunday while doing my Flylady zone I felt my back really tweak. Like pain. It’s on the left side low. I’ve been having some pain there , not L1 but more on the hip side, so obviously something went off. I was ok in the morning then by afternoon I couldn’t hardly get up from a sitting position. Not good. So I was freaking about that. I took Advil, and was going to call the doctor Monday morning , but it felt a little better. I only walked half a mile. But still counts in JKWP. So it’s a little better today too,but I will tell Dr. L on Thursday. Geez, can I get a break. I’m sure I’m going to prettying sore after two teeth come out and then see my doctor on Thursday just doesn’t sound like a fun week.

So, I’ll fill after the surgery.😿😟

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