Can you say Worst Phlebotomist ever!

I just hadmy monthly labs, and wow, I just had the worst Phlebotomist ever. He looked kinda outa of it and then he’s tapping my arm. Really I never have a problem, what’s up. So he gets and I know immediately he’s done a Lousy job. How? Well, your arm hurts right away and when I took the tape off there’s a blood bubble. That’s not suppose to have. G*~~~~€€€€ d*****! That’s all I have to say.
Well not really I will ask not to have him if I see him next month in the lab.
Also, it looked like my dr ordered kappa Lamba serum , which I don’t usually have so that’ll be interesting.
My tooth started bothering me some last night so tomorrow when I go for the first half of number 2 , I’ll have him check it. Is it an infection, who knows. Seems kinda odd to start 3 days later.

So, it is so nice here, almost 70 yesterday. Today it’s less but still nice. I need to load a few more thrift store things and then I’m ready to go to the S.A. I think I’ll avoid goodwill.

As lots of other bloggers have said, thinking about the new year. I’m going to be selfish and say it’s about me. I want to do what I want to do. Not sure what that is exactly. But it’s not all these very lofty words like, gratitude( which I have every single spray), kindness, ( which I hope i display), etc, etc. I just want to be here for moi. I’ve always done for others, and will still do that, but I need to do more for me. I don’t get my hair cut, so that might be first. I also don’t buy clothes, so I need a few things. You get the idea. Well, with that said, I’m off to declutter more.
If we’re going to move at some point, believe me were not taking it with us. Only the bare essentials.

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