Going forward

My xrays didn’t show any new lyric lesions as far as he could tell. He still needed to compare them with 2012. But so far that’s promising. My low back seems to be arthritis,although he didn’t sy that for sure.
My 24 hour urine came back normal. I’m a little weirded out about that in a good way. Like why aren’t any proteins showing up. I was surprised. An then I’m IGG test was also normal. So I’m pretty happy. I have the BMB next Friday at the hospital under conscious sedation. It’s going to cost a copay. But I’m willing to do it. I feel I should ask him for another SPEP test , but honestly I’m pretty tested out. But we will need to know where we are with it if im going to start revlimid again. So I guess I’ll emssage him next week.

I’m making a pizza for dinner and then watch more Downton abbey.
It’s pretty nice out. Around 68 or so.
I’m hoping to do a pre run of our taxes this week end. In turbo.caster, it looks like we are going to owe @900. But that’s only with the preliminary stuff in. If so we need to add another exemption to the w4.

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