So it begins….

So, I had the first root canal yesterday after the consult. He had a cancellation so I took it. It was really easy except keeping my mouth open for 2 hours. I have a jaw that can lock up so I get really anxious about it. But its sore some but overall fine. Now, I need a crown on that tooth. ( read here more money out the window). Then the other tooth is a problem, I’ll have this done in 2 appts. First to clean out the root canals and put in stuff to kill bacteria. Then next week do what ever you do with the root canal. The problem he said ,is there’s fractures in there and the root canal may not work. Meaning an extraction would be needed. Not right away but 6 months we’d know. So problem is I’ve been on biophsaphates for 10 years for myeloma. Not good . Osteonecrosis of the jaw is a likely scenario …. Can anyone say freaked out.
But I will persevere , I will as I’ve always done just get thru one day at a time. Do what is necessary.
Other than that and all the money this is going to cost, that we don’t have, life
In the new year is good. It’s warming up to 60 and sunny. I’m making a new bread today and tomorrow will bake it. I’ve got a load to go to the thrift store and feel pretty good. Of course I’m off DEX and rev till I see him next week so not too many drugs going in my body.

Off to the library today.

4 thoughts on “So it begins….

  1. I had 2 root canals w/crowns last year, and a crown on another tooth, as well as deep gum cleaning. It was my dental year, that’s for sure! Lots of out of pocket for me last year too. Good luck with everything. I think holding my mouth open for 2 or more hours was the hardest part of it all for me too.

  2. Oh! I feel for you. I had a root canal a couple of years ago. At the end the dr. said “I think I got it all”. It has been fine though. Then, of course, like you mentioned, you go and get the crown. I have about 5 crowns (I am 57 years old). All in the last couple of years. These are times when the teeth just get old and stressed from having fillings, and you wish your parents would’ve taken you to the dentist earlier/more when you were very young!

    It is also a learning experience that (mine at least) dental insurance does have a maximum coverage per year, and some crowns can be straddled out so that you are not getting two in the same year. Good luck!

    • You are so right. I never had much dental care as a child since we were so poor. I guess I’m paying for it now. And I made sure my kids had the best dental care.
      Unfortunately I can’t wait to do it later, so it going to be big hit. ;(

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