Rainy Monday


It’s still going to rain today, so no gardening. But it’s not cold at least. 

When the sun does come out I think a lot of things will sprout. We still need to plant out potatoes. Kinda late but we’ve planted later and still had a good crop.

Someone came and finally took our two male ducks who were harassing the chickens. I hope she had the right space for them. I didn’t really ask her as my husband handled it. Oh well,  I hope they’re safe and happy. The yard is MUCH more peaceful and the girls are happier. 

It is dex Monday, and yesterday was dex Sunday. Ok, but I didn’t really do any zone cleaning and today is the kitchen. That’s always my biggest area because of cooking and grease. But my kitchen is small so that helps. I just haven’t been as motivated lately. I’m still doing the daily stuff but I’d like to do more.

this morning is going out with B to get our tobacco blood tests for insurance . What a PITA Is all I have to say. I just had my blood. Draw last week for my monthly labs, now this draw, and later this week another for cholesterol . Ugh…. Too much. I do not like over schedule weeks and usually don’t. But this I hope won’t be too bad. 

I’m going to declutter the pantry later or at least organize it . It’s a mess(again). If the weather gets nice I may go out to the barn. As I said it’s not too bad, but needs some straightening up. Now mind you this is a funky barn, dirt floor that B has covered with tarps and old rugs, but it still an area of storage for all his work samples , and my son has his exercise equipment out there. Plus Christmas decorations, bikes and stuff like that. I think a good clean sweep is in order

Well, I’m off to wash cabinets and turn on the oven for cleaning. 

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