Tuesday chit chat( a little late)

  • This is http://www.myhalfdozendaily.typepad.com Carla’s weekly update.
  • Reading: I’ve read a few books this week. “Notes from a Blue Bike” by Tsh Oxenreider. Good book and very nicely done, about creating simplicity in your life. “The Snow Child”, about Alaska in the 1930’s ( maybe earlier) and homesteading and a mysterious child who shows up. InterestING story. Now I’m reading ” The Cuckoos Calling” by Galbreath( who is JK Rowling ), quite excellent, I’m surprised. Excellent character development .
  • Listening to: nothing, I like quiet.
  • Watching: ok, finished Game of thrones, season 3 and thought I’d have a heart attack( just kidding) pretty tough ending.
  • Cooking/Baking: I made a turkey, it was ok. Not great.
  • last night some yummy sesame noodle with stir fry vegies.
  • Happy you accomplished this week: all done with doctor appts, till the end of the month,
  • Looking forward to next week:this week, actually, just catching up on my zone cleaning, and since the weather will be warmer, maybe starting the decluttering in the barn.
  • Thankful for today:
  • As, always , that I have a good quality of life , living with myeloma, and my wonderful husband, who is always loving and supportive, and my 2 very exceptional children.
  • thats it for now, today is a work day. Yesterday, my van cost 350 to fix the oil sensor light,but still needs @$ 1500 for more stuff. It’ll have to wait till after taxes.

One thought on “Tuesday chit chat( a little late)

  1. I have “Notes from a Blue Bike” to read as well…. actually have a big pile to play catch up with! Oh that car bill is no fun! 😦 Ugh!! What a bummer! Hope your income tax covers it for you!

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