3 goals for March

Carla over at halfdozendaily.typepad.com. Is doing a challenge for march. 3 goals, financial ,personal, and decluttering.

So, financial:

well, really save as much as possible for upcoming taxes.

Start working on saving for auto insurance due in April.

Keep saving $5 bills. I’m up to $135 already.

I forgot to add, 10 no spend days!:)


Just keep walking. Up to day 277.

Streamline meals. Maybe repeat menus more often based on our favorites.

also, work on the 3 month menu plan as a guide .


our house is mostly decluttered , so it’s the barn that still needs a lot of work. I still have too many Life magazines and there’s too much clutter in general out there.

imageDon’t forget, if you can donate to this or the Leukemia Lymphoma society!

5 thoughts on “3 goals for March

  1. Sounds like you are very disciplined. I guess since you still have children at home & lots on your plate you have to be. I love reading you posts–it reminds me when I was a young Mother with so many chores to do. Thank God I didn’t have MM then–I don’t know how you young people cope with work & families to care for. This disease takes so much time & all your energy.

    • Hi Barbara ,
      So, I’m gathering you have myeloma too. Where are you in the journey and treatment? You don’t have to share if it’s too personal. The first year I was diagnosed I didn’t really tell anyone. Just hid and did treatments. Now, I’m pretty upfront about it with people.

      • I was diagnosed in December from M spike no bone envelopment & no symptoms. M spike was 2.49 so my Doc said I could wait a bit for treatment since I wanted to try some alternatives to chemo before I got into that. I am taking a supplement (Artemisinin) which was highly recommened by a holistic Doc that I follow. It detects the iron in cancer cells & goes after them. Have just been on it for a month & I go back to the cancer Doc March 26th so we’ll see how the numbers are then. My plasma cell count was 10 per cent higher than it should be also so the Doc says the lab work says I have MM so he will want to start treatment then if things have not improved. I will be on Velacade, Melphalan & prednisone. One thing I wanted to ask you — I have a grant of 10,000 for my meds for MM. Does this grant just pick up the copays for the meds that you take. (I’m on Medicare so they do not cover the newer drugs that you all are taking that have less side effects & are more expensive) I’m assuming that the grants do not cover the costs of those drugs just the co-pays. Is that correct? I was wondering why my cancer Doc did not prescribe the newer drugs but I’m assuming that it’s becuase the insurance does not cover them. Let me know if you think this is correct. Best wishes keep fighting!

  2. The usual induction therapy now is RVD. That is revlimid, Velcade, and dexamethesome. So, he’s got the Velcade (be sure it’s the injection and not the IV) and prednesome is a less intense steroid. If you can handle dex, ask for that as it’s like 40 times more stronger and boosts the revlimid. I’m on 20 per week and is manageable . Still dex is tough but it is important. now I have no idea why melphalan is added to this now. Usually ,it is given at time of transplant. I would ask him. Is he a Hemotologist/ oncologist? A 2.49 m spike ( in my opinion is pretty high, but fortunately you have no bone involvement) I have had a few fractures in the past nothing recently as I’m zometa.
    You should check out the myeloma beacon, and pat Killingsworth blog . Very informative. I’m assuming your grant is LLS too. Yes, co pays, and it should cover what you pay in insurance. Also, there should be no reason Medicare won’t pay for revlimid , I think your donut of cost would be high for 1 month and LLS should pay for that, then it should go down. Medicare also should pay for a SCT if your eligible. Since you are newly diagnosed, don’t let them push you around and I would definitely question melphalan which is very toxic. Revlimid can cause low platelets and wp count, but I have had no trouble and tolerate it very well. Your lucky no anemia , bone involvement or kidney. That’s the CRAB symptoms. Let me know what else. I also take a mushroom powder for alternative and curcumin. You should check out curcumin it’s suppose to really help with MM. Best to you..

    • I will have lots of questions when I go back to my Doc on the 26th. BTW, he is an Oncologist. Don’t know why he decided on the melaphan unless it is just covered by my insurance & the reviliand (sp) is not. Thanks so much for all the good information.

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