Well, I called the nurse this morning, and she left me a message as I was on my way into the library. M -protein, back up a little to .43

really this is very low, but I’ve been on revlimid 7 months and not much has really changed.it is keeping me stable so I guess I can’t really complain, and overall again all my other blood test are normal. I’d just really like it to go down. imageThese are 2 of my vintage postcards!for st. Patricks dayimage

2 thoughts on “Disappointed:(

  1. Well, thank God your numbers are staple, at least. It is so crushing to get the news that they have gone up again. Best wishes & keep up the fight!
    Vintage post cards are adorable.

    • I am very grateful I’m stable. But, still last month I was .36 so I hoped I was trending down. But still all is good and I’m ok with it. ( well usually, it takes me a few days to be ok… Ha ha!)

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