Simple Sunday

I went down to Walmart for a grocery pickup. It went smooth and fast. They really have it dialed in and it was loaded quickly and efficiently. Part of the reason I did Walmart is you just can’t beat their prices. I checked out Campbell’s tomato soup at the store as I didn’t have any. It was $1.99. At Walmart it was .98 . So go figure.

I came home and put together a batch of cranberry orange scones. Scones are fairly easy but sometimes they don’t hold together so we’ll see. The recipe is NYT orange cranberry scones.

This week FL is in the living room zone so I plan on doing a few things this morning. I wasn’t feeling totally great so I’ll leave most of it for tomorrow.

Last night I made what I’m calling Tucson mix. Back when we were at U of A, being vegetarians, there weren’t a lot of options to eating out but there was a small health food shop that sold a bowl of brown rice topped with a medley of zucchini, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and ?? Actually both of us can’t quite remember but I think that was it. They sold a bowl for .99 . So we ate there often. Yesterday I started it in the Staub and simmered most of the day. It turned out delicious. For my son( a meat eater) I sauteed some jalapeno cheddar sausage from costco and we also had some sauteed shrimp if anyone wanted to add that. I’m definitely adding this to the rotation in monthly meal planning. Next time maybe adding a yellow squash. I’m pretty sure it didn’t have eggplant because Barclay doesn’t like eggplant. Anyway it was a good first attempt.

Here’s the pizza from Friday night. Very nice!!

This week’s menu will include breakfast for dinner, Mac and cheese and salad, a new tofu recipe I saw in the NYT for BBQ tofu.

I just finished tidying the living room and dusted. I might do the windows or leave that for tomorrow. I still need to vacuum.

Rain is predicted all week with even the possibility of snow tomorrow. Our walk this morning was cold @ 36 degrees but NO one else showed up so it was nice. Everything was quiet and frosty! I can already tell I’m getting slight tingling( neuropathy) in my foot. Hopefully it will just an annoyance and NOT a problem. Velcade does cause neuropathy so I guess I’ll bring that up at my doctor appt.

14 thoughts on “Simple Sunday

    • The scones are already all gone. If you make it though be aware that the recipe didn’t have salt which I thought was odd. It definitely needed about a teaspoon of salt! Must have been a mistake on their part.

  1. You are making very tasty looking and sounding things. I’ve got a big pot of chili going for tonight and may add both a green salad and corn muffins. Sorry you are experiencing neuropathy and hope it goes away.

  2. Your living room looks great! Flowers. Eiffel Tower. Best of all….a record player. A wonderful reminder of the lost ceremony of playing music! Lid up, LP out. Admire the cover art. Hold LP up to check for dust. Lay on turntable. Start motor. Place stylus on lead in groove. Dash to chair to wait for the music to start. 20 minutes of bliss reading the album sleeve.

    • Thanks. My son (26) is a huge LP fan and has an amazing collection. He was the one that encouraged us to get it. We like Miles Davis, any jazz really, and it is nice to listen to rather than radio!!

  3. Oh I love that stained glass window! And your pizza looks wonderful!

    We are expecting rain for most of the week as well here in S. California, with intermittent breaks. We’ll try to take advantage of the breaks and get outside to walk, but otherwise I see a lot of reading in my future for the week. Enjoy the snow if you get some!

    • Well, we do need the rain:). I have the same stained glass on the other window. Here’s a funny story about it. Years ago, in Old Town Auburn they would have an Antique Fair 2x a year, so one year it was scheduled, it rained but we went down anyway and I saw this window. I bought it as it was exactly what I wanted. Only a few vendors showed up though. Then the fair was rescheduled for the following weekend and we went again and I found the exact window again. How weird. They wanted to be together!!

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