I’m still waiting for UPS to deliver my revlimid. It’s almost 4 pm, and it was suppose to be before 12 noon delivery. It seems there’s always a problem.

My monoclonal protein is about the same at .5

I’m disappointed as it’s hard to go thru a whole cycle and not get better results. But we’ll just have to see how this one goes. 

Kinda a weird day, cloudy and cool. I’m making chicken tortilla soup using Pioneer Woman’s recipe. Hers are always yummy.

3 thoughts on “Waiting……..

  1. Hi, are you having dexa with Revlimid and at what dose?
    My recent experience – when dexa was reduced from 20mg /week to 12 mg/week, the m-spike went from 3.7g/L to 4.0 We decided to revert back to 20mg of dexa, the next reading m-spike saw a drop to 3.2g/L. Looks like dexa has quite an effect on me.

    • Yes, I’m on 25mg rev and 20 mg dex(that’s the weekly dose). Yes, I need the dex to help the rev be more efficient. I went from .6 to .4 in one cycle. But it stayed the same this last cycle.so, I’m hoping that I get a little more drop this cycle,#3
      This is my 3 rd time on rev, and it does take a while to bring that m protein down.

      • Ok 20mg dexa is a reasonable good dose, probably need several cycles to allow Revlimid to work. It can be frustrating when a month passes and no significant change.
        Hoping the best for you.

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