Simple Sunday

Today, I’m off the gym and then to Safeway( which is almost next door to the gym, to get olives from their olive bar, wine, cream and whatever else I need for Thanksgiving. I don’t want to have to go to the store till after Thanksgiving.

I’m in the bedroom zone with Flylady and I just washed the inside windows, tidied the Christmas packages in the corner, and I’ll work on the closet/pantry a little more.img_1086.jpg

This is the stained glass hanging in our bedroom window.

img_1085.jpgA plant in the corner on a bar stool I was going to donate and then decided to reuse it.


Having put the pantry stuff in the closet has been really great. If you live in a small house with no pantry or closets for that matter this is such a great idea. We really have only one closet in this house. In the other bedroom, we have an Ikea closet that is essentially a built-in now.


Dinner is those meatballs I made yesterday and marinara sauce with spaghetti.



6 thoughts on “Simple Sunday

    • This old house really had no redeeming things, like closets or anything really. So I’ve tried to add some ‘bungalow accents like the stained glass. Hope your Thanksgiving is great too!!

  1. Oh! Love the stained glass. It’s very like the stained glass in my Granny’s house in England. Such a shame we couldn’t bring it home to Switzerland – it’s the last house in the row of identical houses built in 1938 to still have the original glass in the door, sidewindows and front bay…! Wish I could add a photo!

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