Thanksgiving menu

I thought I wanted to do something wildly different for Thanksgiving but our little tradition won out. We don’t have any family to speak of really. My sister and her family are in Connecticut and although my brother lives locally he always goes to his buddy’s house for Thanksgiving.

Over the years I’ve tried to create our own traditions with my small family.  Originally, when it was just B and me and we were both vegetarians, I’d do a lasagna or something like that. Later, and a number of years later when my daughter came along and then 9 years later my son, we started with the more ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving of a turkey, a vegetarian main dish and then all the sides.  We’d use the silver and nice dishes( i’ve always loved dish sets as I’ve written about.  So in spite of wanting to do something ‘wild’ and ‘crazy’, it’s traditional that has won out. Plus, really, I like to do it and for me it’s fun.

So this year, I’m not doing a whole turkey

  • but a bone- in turkey breast,
  • nut and cheese loaf,
  • stuffing,
  • homemade cranberry sauce,
  • mashed potatoes,
  • green bean casserole,
  • gravy( a vegetarian gravy as no one likes turkey gravy)
  • rolls.
  • I will make a homemade pumpkin pie.

I’ll probably cook some stuff Wednesday and then the rest Thursday. I’m going to do a dry brine on the turkey.  I think. We usually eat our dinner around 2 pm. So it’s kinda late lunch early dinner.


Tonight, I’m going to roast some new potatoes and grill some tofu and use some of the frozen corn from this summer.

I finished the bedroom zone except maybe a little more in the closet/pantry.

I decluttered some baskets(8) from the bathroom as I did a mini makeover with new white ones(4). I think it looks better and brighter.




One thought on “Thanksgiving menu

  1. I’m making a turkey breast as well, and in my crockpot. Super easy, super tender, but if you like crispy skin it wouldn’t work (or you’d have to crisp it up in the oven at the end). Enjoy your day – traditions are great!

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