Beyond a capsule wardrobe

I like the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I like it is minimalistic. It probably works great for working people and anyone wanting to start on reducing their clothes.

But for myself, I lean toward and practice a ‘uniform’ or very basic wardrobe. or my new term is elemental or basic wardrobe. I don’t own any dresses. Wait, I have one black dress that is a J Jill traveling material, I  bought on eBay when we were going to Florida last year and needed a dress for an evening event. Actually, once there, I realized I didn’t need it at all, but since it doesn’t take up any room in my closet, I ‘ve kept it.

So I have this one sleeveless dress,( kinda a longish straight design). Then what I wear daily is either dark jeans, black Ponte( a stretch material) pants,  a medium colored pair of jeans, black T-shirts, white t-shirt, denim button-down shirts (3) all Old Navy. I have 3 light zippered sweatshirts in black, grey, dark purple. One white button down shirt also Old Navy.  I need some black sweaters but haven’t purchased any yet.

Remember, I live in a moderate climate so I only have one North face polar fleece. No rain coat or winter coat. I have a pair of Birkenstocks, a pair of Naots, an old pair of Keens I haven’t worn in a while, and my North Face hiking shoes that I wear daily for my walk and to go to the gym. They are almost 2 years old so that’s on my list to buy. Also, a pair of Dansko’s I wear occasionally.

I have 3 black shirts I wear as overshirts.

So that’s it besides my gym clothes. I don’t change my colors seasonally but in the summer generally cut my oldest jeans and wear as shorts, plus I have a pair of white capris.

Typically, I’ll wear jeans, black shirt and then an overshirt.


  • 1 pair of black pants
  • 4 pairs of jeans,( 3 dark and 1 medium)
  • 3 black T-shirts
  • 1 white T-shirt  ( Everlane, which now is my favorite new T shirt)
  • 3 light weight sweat shirts
  • 1 North Face jacket
  • 2 black and white striped shirts
  • 1pair of navy blue dressy pants ( haven’t worn in a while so I’ll need to see if I need these).
  • 2 navy blue T-shirts from Target
  • 1 black velvet top I wear at Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • 2 navy Old Navy shirts that I use when I’m painting etc.
  • Plus my gym wear, 4 pairs of pants/capris depending on the season.

I’m trying to add some grey T shirts and navy blue from Everlane when I can afford it next.

That’s it so, try a new approach to your clothes. Figure out what colors you like and try and keep it to just 3 -4 main colors. I don’t really use accent colors but a lot of people do in a ‘uniform’ type wardrobe.

So is this boring? Not for me, i love the simplicity of knowing what I’m wearing and it keeps me from being distracted or indecisive about what to wear.

Everyone’s life journey is different so depending if you’re a young parent, professional, etc, that will help you decide what you need in your ‘uniform ‘ basic wardrobe to be.

I’m going to call this elemental clothes.






2 thoughts on “Beyond a capsule wardrobe

  1. I need to do a serious closet purge. I think at this point I’ll wait 18 months until I retire. That will eliminate a lot of clothes. I like to follow along with your de-cluttering, it’s motivating.

    • You could start small by getting rid of things that don’t fit well or you don’t like or wear very often. Since you still work it’s just a matter of time till you can get rid of work outfits. That’ll be exciting!!

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