Fun Friday and vintage bullet ware


I thought someone would enjoy seeing my vintage bullet utensils. I still am totally in love with these and use them every day. They are typically 1940’s but some are 30’s. I never see them at flea markets around here but then again, I don’t go anymore. Most of these I bought off of eBay years ago and that’s where you can probably still find them.

Today we’re going to see the movie ‘Ladybird’ which was filmed in Sacramento. That should be a fun outing. I don’t usually go to the movies as it’s too loud for me and I get sensory overload. But I will today as my son, who’s a film major, wants us all to go.

Then we may stop for a quick taco or something for lunch.

It’s another beautiful day in northern California. The oaks are all golden and there are some reds too.

I have the artificial tree up but not enough lights so I need to go to Target maybe Sunday to get some. Not today with it being black Friday.  The live tree we got up in Tahoe I had bought twinkly lights for so that one is done. I didn’t put all the ‘ugly ornaments on as I’m trying to be more selective. That tree is a white fir and we bought the permit when we were up there 2 weeks ago.  It’s not a big tree but just right for the space.  I put on all the bird ornaments and pine cone ones too.

Dinner is ‘who knows what cuz I’m not cooking’.

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