‘The Aviator’s Wife’ book review

this is another historical fiction book based on Anne Morrow Lindberg. I really liked the way the author had Anne be the voice in the book. I was really astonished to find out that Charles Lindberg had 2 other families and fathered 7 other children. It’s also amazing that Anne did not find this out till near the end of Charles life when she discovered the letters he wrote to these woman. Really amazing what some people will do. It’s a good historical fiction and worth reading.


One thought on “‘The Aviator’s Wife’ book review

  1. After years of genealogical research I’ve found this sort of thing(multiple secret families)fairly widespread. Well known are the stories of men in the military who have a woman in every port/post. Also be weary of male ancestors who worked on the railroad as they also have been known to have multiple families.
    I guess it’s such a scandalous story since Lindbergh was so well know/prominent.

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