A leap year

February 29 is a leap year extra day.

February 28, 2006, was my day 0 for my SCT. Melphalan, then stem cells on March 1.

I was in the BMT unit 18 days and then released. I had to go back the next day since I spiked a fever, but it was due to not being hydrated enough, not infection. I was very lucky.

Even though it was the single worst thing in my life to go thru, and I got off pretty easy. NO infections, no mucousis( sp), just no WBC for a while. Two transfusions later much better.

It was a very difficult time, but I made it thru and had 4 years of complete  remission. Now its been 5 years of Revlimid and now Velcade.


i thought 2006 was a leap year, but I was wrong.  So my Stem cell transplant must have started on Feb 28 2006!!!

update #2

it would be now  5 years that I was on revlimid/ then pomalyst last year, and now Velcade .

I don’t think I’d do another Sct , but who knows , right?

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