June 15 2005

Lake TahoeI’m pretty sure we all remember the day we got our official diagnosis. today is mine. the spring had been a horrible time of endless appointments, questions, and not really a lot of answers.

Finally, I was scheduled for a bone biopsy on the plasmacytoma. I’m not sure if they’d do that today or it was obviously myeloma. Funny though, I didn’t get any blood tests which would have confirmed it. The doctor doing this was only a back and pain doctor so he was way out of league. I of course was then referred to a oncologist.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter, it was today 10 years ago. Of course, i had the fracture a year and a half before so who know how long myeloma cells were in there. Id say at least 2.

Well, here I am. Everyday is truly a gift to be had. Whether its a good day or a lousy day its still a gift to be alive.


One thought on “June 15 2005

  1. I haven’t been readiing your blog long enough to have known all of the ‘details’ of your diagnosis, but I must tell you that since I’ve found your blog, I have deeply appreciated your perspective and attitude about how ‘life’ is treating you, and how positive you seem in what you write in your blog.

    I’m OLD compared to you (68), and I honestly can’t figure out where the years have gone, but I deeply appreciate what you wrote today, because when people let time pass by them aimlessly as I have done in recent years, sometimes we just can’t account for what we’ve done in some of those moments. Reading your blog has raised my awareness of how important ”time” is, and how we have spent it. As a result, I’m determined to go back and do more with some of my local volunteer work, and be more involved, instead of finding excuses not to be busy with things in my community that will make a difference. (I helped teach young mothers how to take care of their children while they were residents in a women’s shelter and helped them find ways to become independent again.) I need to get up out of my slump and get busy again!! You have made me aware!!

    Today, you gave me a real gift and have put new inspiration in my heart to make me more aware of ‘the present’ and how I’m spending my time.
    In reality, today, what you wrote was a wake-up call to me, to treat each moment as a ‘gift’ and to be grateful for every day. So, please know that you are making a real difference in the lives of other people, ……. people you’ve never met, and many you will never know about!! You are truly making a difference. What an inspiration you are! Thanks, and Hugz for making a difference in my life!! I’ve been blessed by what you’ve written!

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