Sunday thoughts, Happy Fathers Day!!!

Well, surprise to the budget. Our septic needed emergency pumping. $500 later….. We had it done only 2 years ago, but happened is a very important piece at the top had not been replaced( actually it was not there)… so the septic wasn’t working right….. Well, I could say s#!!^t but that would to obvious. So, there goes $500 from my fall account. Thats ok , its done and we will get the part this time. Last time we didn’t do it so..

Its a cooler day today, but by Friday we will be hitting 101. I hate the heat, and the cold. I like it just in the middle. Well, we will enjoy today.

The kids are making waffles and scrambled eggs for Dad. Although since they’re both still sleeping I maybe doing it. I am going to make a greek pasta salad , and Bbq something. We have worked on eating down the freezer, but it didn’t seem to affect the grocery bill. I guessing its non food, like laundry stuff, razors, etc, that put us over this month. Especially since I got the razors and some other non food things from costco. There its not 3.95 for a razor ,its 26.95 for 14 and thats with the coupon. But at least I don’t have to think about it for a year.

This week is my doctor appt. I’m also expecting to hear from the Seattle cancer center about my appointment with Dr. Libby. Its going to cost us to fly up there, but i intuitively know now is the time to get a specialist on board. I will find out if the Pomalyst is doing anything. I don’t have a plan but, Im guessing he will up to the maximum dose of 4mg.

Yesterday I was really dragging so I’m also guessing my neutrophils have tanked. 😦

Im going to go to the used bookstore today, and then pop Raleys for spinach, mushrooms and whatever else I need.