Simple Sunday

We had the grilled pizza and it came out good. The bottom maybe a little burnt but nice and thin. So a good alternative to using the oven when it’s 100 out.

Today is just a few chores, bathroom zone done!

Dinner is a chicken salad , and lettuce and other farmers market stuff. I’ll make a tofu salad for the vegies.

I’m going to send out my email to the library director after my daughter proof reads it. This is my last response to clarify the two things she brought up. I miss my schedule, and the friendly patrons.

3 thoughts on “Simple Sunday

  1. I really think it would be my pleasure, if I were in your shoes, to visit the library often, check out books you like, be involved in ‘customer’ / ‘patron’ activities, and don’t be missing the interaction with the people you enjoyed seeing. If a patron asks you why you aren’t working there, tell them the truth in a sincere manner, just saying something like: “There was some money missing, and I was considered a suspect.” …… in a caring, but honest way. (not spiteful), and if they ask, just tell them that you miss seeing all of the library patrons, and that you have nothing to hide. I think (my opinion) is that the people who enjoyed knowing you would love to continue seeing you, and that they deserve an explanation about why you aren’t there. Also, depending on how interested you are in books, why not begin having a ladies ‘book night’ or a Saturday Book Club where everyone could meet at a central coffee spot, in your home, or even IN the library?
    Growing up, my dad taught me not to try and ‘get even’ or to seek revenge, but that there is NO HARM in trying to “OUT-NICE” other people, …… in other words, show them by your actions that they are severely amiss in their assumptions. No one can doubt your appreciation of your job, or that you would want to find ways to continue ‘working with books’ in one way or another!!
    Perhaps you would even be interested in a senior citizens or a children’s reading club!!
    What an awesome contribution you have been to the people who were enjoying the library, so there is no reason you can’t ‘continue’ to do the things you love, with no need to be ‘behind their “sanctimonious counter” !! HE HE It’s your life, so do it your way!!
    Betty in TX

  2. I’ve never grilled pizza…might be fun to try. Would you consider sharing some of your vegetarian recipes? Is your tofu salad like chicken salad with tofu instead? Also, I think Betty has an interesting idea. I’m not sure I’d be able to do it but you certainly should be able to continue to use your library.

  3. yes, you press the tofu so you get as much water out. I use the costco firm organic. then crumble, add green onions, celery ,mayo or veginaise, and then I like to add curry. it gives a nice color and tastes great.
    I agree with Betty too, I think I just need some time to keep processing.

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