Chore day!

1167451777d06c35d1fb422de7cb25fcWell, Im off to do some town chores. I need to go by the library and pick up some of my things( coffee mugs etc). i am going to mention to BR M why hasn’t she even texted me. ( of course , I know they’ve told her not to contact me. But I want to hear it from her.) Then I need to go get my prescriptions. Then a few groceries, bread, lettuce, and whatever else I think of. Maybe stop at Grocery Outlet. not sure.

I started adding in walking on the treadmill, and already after just 2 days my L 1 is flipped out (degenerative disc). So today, i only walked 25 minutes in the park and I might skip the treadmill. Im hoping to just increase my endurance sine I have the time (ha, ha)!!

Dinner might just be salad or I have so many eggs, maybe a breakfast dinner.

Im still debating about paying for Blue Host for a domain. Its 3.95 a month. Not sure what that gives me except the private domain. I’m not planing on monetizing anything. I really dislike blogs with ads and avoid them. So, I’ll keep thinking about it.

The third year of JKWP is now in day 20 , (I think). I have to go back and double check. We’re out pretty early as yesterday at 6 am it was like a freeway in the park. Not my style.

2 thoughts on “Chore day!

  1. I don’t really like treadmill walking….its just not the same walking motion as actual walking outside. Good idea to skip it today. Hope your back feels better quickly. I don’t know anything about domains and such….will be interested in what you decide to do.

  2. Hi Marilyn ,
    Yeah, it’s kinda weird since I walk in the park every day. Or if I go away with B we walk where ever he’s working, such as Chico ,ca, or south Lake Tahoe. But I thougnt, gee, I’m going to up my daily walking and do just 15 minutes on the treadmill. Well, that didn’t work too well. I do have a degenerative disc I’m L 1 ,so it must be the treadmill is stressing it . Not sure why.
    Anyway, I didn’t use it today , and have taken Advil all day and I can still feel it ( pain)!!! So, I guess I’ll rethink this.

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