Well, it’s been a few days since the great firing. I’m feeling somewhat better. I’ve come to few decisions. One, I will not be abLe to support Applegate library in any capacity, since it is Placer county library. This makes me very sad, but I’m not going to try and raise money and awareness of AP through the FOAL so that Placer county can reap those benefits.  Why would I try and do something to help PCL after basically linking me with missing money. Of, course the official stance, no reason needed for dismissal. What a load of BS.

Anyway, I’m pretty clear about that. I’d like to try and see if I’m eligible for unemployment. But since I hardly make even $400 a month , I may not meet their criteria.

Second,I’ll try and establish a new weekly schedule so I have some structure. Maybe even adding in an extra walk or two.

I probably need some project to work on so, I’ll think about that.

Thirdly,It’s unlikely I’ll look for other work. I have too many things going against me. I can’t stand foron  long hours. I can’t be on task all the time. Physically, I can’t lift anything ( I’ve learned to push a lot). So, I guess

it’s work with what I have.

I still need to let a few people know , and the BR M asked how to explain my not being there. Well, lets be honest, I was relieved of my duties over a missing money issue , that was / should’ve been totally on you. It was your responsibility to deal with money, missing or not, not mine. As I’ve said, I took the fall.

On a positive note, we are getting rain here in Northern Ca, and it’s glorious.