Happy June

It’s been a nice couple of days. The weather is perfect. Not to hot, not cold. Yesterday was dex Monday so i got lots done. Today is library day. Everyone is off working so I’ll have the house to myself for a few hours. Most everything is caught up and i just have one load of laundry to process.

I made some nice honey whole wheat bread on Sunday. I used the bread machine to make the dough and then baked in a loaf pan. I got a great book from the library call “salad in a Jar”. I’ve seen a few blogs about this, but basically you layer a salad in a ball jar. Its great really. Ive done a Mexican and today is a garbanzo bean one.

I’m on schedule with my pomalyst and rescheduled my doctor visit for the end of the month after I’m done with this cycle. I hope i have some results with my kappa light chains going down. My new order of pomalyst will be here tomorrow so i know we wouldn’t up the dose at least for another full cycle if the 2 mg doesn’t seem to be doing it. I guess w just have to wait and see.

This should be a nice week for me. low key, no doctor appointments, no big shopping. I need to go get veggies and milk. Im thinking of going down to Whole Foods but it is 20 -25 minutes away. But ┬áthe selection would be nice. I’ll see how it shapes up for Thursday.

Our budget is going ok. I’m almost done with get the big fall bills covered. Then we have committed to help our son in this last semester of school, so Im budgeting $300 a month for the semester. I’d like to get our sinking funds for propane and stuff like that done by end of summer too. B will get a bonus this quarter so when we know wha that is , we can fund accordingly.

It’s still such a big if yet about retirement money. I know we couldn’t do what were doing now. But if the car payments gone and theres less cell phones( kids get your own plan), less groceries, (kids not living here), we might squeak by. but its still such a big unknown yet. Who know if i’ll even be here. Oh, well, lets not go there today. Today is a beautiful day.