Costco and update

I went to Costco. Lots of non food items, razors, TP, and so on. It was busy but I got thru ok. Getting home and sorting takes another hour. Plus, no one was home to help me unload. So 50 trips to the car later.

Ok, placer co wins. One up for them 0 for me. Why? I get an email from the director thanking me for my years of service. As with any money missing personel are asked to step back. Ok why me and not BR M.??

then I was asked not to report to library. Okay we’re missing the part about my services are no longer needed. She said I wasn’t fired , just asked not to report to work. Uh.. I think my services are no longer needed sounds like firing to me. So, since I’m unhappy with the direction of the library it’s best if we part ways.

Huh???  Very smart move on their part. The FOAL will accept this and patrons can’t really get upset or blame the county now can they. So, brillant move on their part.

Well, I’m done. It’s ok. Someone did mention checking my personnel file. Does anyone think I should bother??? I’m not sure I care really, but I am curious.

So, onward and upward 😀