A new week!

image image imageThis should be fun week for the most part. Today I’m off and doing flylady stuff, and continuing tidying up after the painting. The ‘porch/office/entryway is done. We ended up not doing the ceiling since we ran out of primer, but the pine still looks good. I simply love the ‘simply white’ paint. Everything looks clean and bright. Plus, we ordered a smaller pantry unit from Costco on line. It’s basically the same one as we had but only 3 feet wide and we’ve moved it in the kitchen. So it all looks great. We moved the Heywood with my Tepco in our dining area. I’ll post some pictures.

then Tuesday I work till 1 and then we leave for new brighton beach with the tent trailer. The weather should be beautiful. I’m not packing a lot of food stuff because we’ve learned it’s just easier to hit the grocery store where we go, and Santa Cruz has trader joes plus other great bakeries.

We’ll be gone till Friday so nice. Then I start pomalyst on Friday so not fun. I’m always a little freaked at starting something new, but since it’s similar to revlimid ,I hope it’s ok. Then my Dex will be back at 20 mg so not fun but, I’ll just have to get thru.

I’ll try and add the pictures today.

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