Wednesday stuff

Well, I made it thru the dex craziness. Sunday was hyper mode. But I did get a lot done. Sunday night was tough though, my face was really red and I didn’t sleep most of the night and that was even with 2 Ativan. But Monday was better,and I did some cooking and decluttering.

Today, I’m off to drop things at goodwill and I’m going to stop in the SPCA book store.

Im also trying a new recipe for a pork roast on the bbq. Not sure how this will come out but pizza can be our back up.(ha, ha).

Most everything house wise is done and I need to maybe do one load of laundry. Plus, I want to do some budgeting and see how the numbers were so far in the month. Food is probably over budget, but we will see. Also, we always spend more in spring on gardening stuff. This year we’ve rotolilled the surrounding yards and now it’s a dust bowl, so we’re trying to do drought resistant plants. Water is a big issue here in California.

We have lettuce and peas in the garden so we’re having nice salads.

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