Simple Sunday

We didn’t get up as early as I like but it’s Sunday so it’s okay. We are closing the gap on the JKWP to the 2 year mark. Today is 690, ,so 10 days to 700 and then where on our way to 2 years OF WALKING EVERY FREAKING DAY NO MATTER WHAT. Although there have been a few very short walks still it’s a walk.

So I’ve done the bathroom wipe down, the bedroom zone and I’m going to dust. With the windows open the dust / pollen is really coming in. Then a vacuum .

I need to go get my prescriptions and just a few groceries.

Then if I haven’t fallen in a heap, I may paint the one window sill that still needs it. ¬†Or I may go out to the barn and look for stuff to get rid of. ( this is probably a little too hopeful)!!!