Dr. appt day

I’m off to see my oncologist this morning. It’s a later morning appt ( which I don’t like) but today it’ll be fine.

My labs came back with low WBC , low RBC, slightly low neutrophils, so all that adds up to being tired a lot. Plus, the not so good news is my kappa light chains jumped up, so definetly not good. The ratio though is 59% between kappa and Lamba so, still below the 100 mark . But that it’s going up is a concern, plus I seem to be having more aches in my ribs and that right leg. I don’t want an MRI now but if it continues I will need to make sure there aren’t lesions ready to cause a fracture. I called UCSF about the specialist Dr. Wolf. It’s a lot of sending records etc, and too much for me but I will ask my doctor to do it, I think.

I’d like to change my treatment since I don’t feel the revlimid is really helping the KLC , but I’ll see what he says today. I’ll do an update later.

on other fronts, I called to make arrangements for payments on the $2000 co pay, so that’s set up, but more bad news is the doctor who did the bmb will still bill me. So more bills will show up. What a bummer and really how do we handle this.

I’m definetly depressed by it all but what can you do. I guess next time, I’ll suffer thru the office one.

On a happier note, the kitchen is all painted, we moved the pantry shelves, and now I started the primer in the other front area. I can only do so much, so I’m hoping my husband can finish the primer this weekend and then I can start the ‘simply white’ in there. It looks good even the little I did. I think  I’m going to check ikea for stools with backs. I use a wooden one with no back. It’s fine for a while then gets hard to sit at.;

I’m pretty sure I can find something inexpensive at IKEA. It’s so great to paint and clean up areas. I don’t have a lot to declutter, just freshening up.

Well, I’ll update later.


it it all went pretty good! We’re going to switch to pomalyst. So I have to fill out the paper and sign.

Hopefully, not much different than revlimid. But hopefully drops those light chains. He still reiterated that we could keep going on rev, and go back to 20 mg dex, and just keep watching. But, I feel it’s time to get at this.

He said fine with Dr. Wolf referral and I said I wait till next month.

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