Budgeting and life

We’ve had so many medical copays that have been somewhat unexpected. Now we owe another $500 on my sons wisdom teeth. Thought since we had paid the copay in December we were good. But the insurance only paid so much. Then after I’d seen the foot doctor she wanted me to order the orthopedic inserts. So they came in at a tune of $350. So lots of things like that. For us ,it’s hard to have anything extra as we generally only have what we need. Fortunately, we finally maxing out our 401 but even that might be too little ,too late. But I’m hopeful.

Plus, having myeloma and a limited life expectancy makes it difficult too. How do you decide to use money for ,let’s say a vacation, or whatever, if you know in retirement you’ll need every penny. Then on the other hand if I’m not around what difference does it make.

One of our oldest  (time wise)survivor of myeloma ( 20+) just died. It’s very upsetting as most of didn’t know he was even unwell. I’m 10 years out. What does that say to me. I don’t know really. I’d love to buy that motorcycle for my husband today, but should we use that money when we really don’t have a lot. Or is life too short to not too. I really don’t know. I guess it’s just one foot in front of the other.

On another note , Aprils been ok , food wise we did good, still around 700 and that includes non food.(cat food, TP, wine, etc)

household was way up because of spring. Get us in Home Depot and its a candy store. We have bought quite a few plants to try and put in a drought resistant garden. Gas, is normal. B got a bonus so that has helped a lot with getting things caught up.

Well, I’m off to the library, my daughters off to work( she now drives an hour to get there), my son is off to college for the day, and B is heading up the state to work.

I’ll get home later and finish some chores. we’ve washed my daughters cotton drapes but they need ironing. I did one set yesterday, and they came out ok. Since its a cotton it was hard to get all the wrinkles out.

Also, she has a lot of lettuce and peas I want to pick so their not wasted.

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