Saturday stuff

We’re home and had a great drive. Not a lot of traffic thru San jose ,so that was nice. We made good time at 3 1/2 hours. We had seen a number of great small hardbody rvs that we’re going to check out. That should be fun.

i started the pomalyst last night. We shall see how it goes and tonight is 20 mg of dex. That I’m not looking forward to. For those who don’t live in Myelomaville, pomalyst is the next generation of  Revlimid. So it’s a more refined drug to attack the myeloma cells. It also was just approved a few years ago. These drugs are extraordinarily expensive.mif you didn’t have insurance, well let’s just say that would be bad. One month supply ( 21 days) runs $10,200. Not kidding. So I have high hopes it will bring my light chains down .

Im off to the library to work and glad to be back. With my GI issues , I’m not going to bring lunch just maybe an apple. See how that goes.

i also still need to paint the shelves in the kitchen with the semi gloss, but I’d probably do that tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Saturday stuff

  1. Tahoe Girl
    Just wondering how the 20mg of Dex effects you. I am on Rev now & also the 20 Dex a week after taking the Rev. I heard it does weird stuff like not being able to sleep & hungry all the time. Do you have any of these problems with it? Have only taken the Rev for 3 days now so I’m getting closer to the Dex & wanted to know what to look for. Thanks for any input.

    • 20 mg is tougher than the 12mg I was on, but you need it for the drug you’re using Rev or pomalyst.
      So here’s what I’ve learned, I take it Saturday night so when I wake up it’s already in my system.
      Then I’m fairly hyped up till around 2pm. So I lay down and rest for @1-2 hours. Basically, it’s hyping you up and then there’s the dex crash. Then I’m okay the rest of the day. Be sure to take a sleep aid that night. I take Ativan. Then monday I’m still slightly over energized and you will probably get the ‘red or flushed face’. I don’t have too much trouble with the food part. But some people do. It’s definetly a learning curve. I also do not drive on Sunday and Monday is okay.
      You’ll figure out how to work it. Is there a day better and that kinda thing.
      Best of luck with it.

      • Thank you so much for the good advice. I will do this & see how it goes. Thankfully, we have this great forum so we can exchange info — it makes it so much easier to know what to expect.

        Thank you.

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