Chore day!

I’m off today so I’m going to get some chores done, I hope.

First, I need to mKe pizza dough for Friday night.

Then finish ironing and cutting the curtain in my daughters space.

Then I need to go to town to pick up prescriptions and a few items at Target( yeah we’ll see how that goes),then back home to do a few more things. I read on line about cleaning stove grills with ammonia so I might try that.

I’m more than half way or close on taking pomalyst. Overall I feel pretty good. Actually I’m feeling better in some ways. I hope the FKL go down. That would be exciting.

We are have spectacular 80 degree weather , very nice. I think I’ll BBQ tonight. Probably burgers. My son wanted bison burger so I guess I’ll try that… Hummm may be a tofu burger for me.:)

my new walking shoes showed up and I put the orthopedics inserts in. The shoes are a little stiff so I only did 2 rounds.

I’m still working on a financial plan to set aside money for B’s motorcycle. We’ll see how far I get. I can be focused when I need to be but first we need to pay those medical co pays.