Just keeping on!

It’s Tuesday. So it’s my work day. Tuesday is usually our busy day. We’ll see. It rained last night and it’s nice this morning. It’s a very pretty fall. We’ve lost at least one more tree to bark beetles, so I think that’s 5. Not sure what we will do. I just hope that’s it, but it looks like I see the top of one more starting. We still have the date for November for the big oak and one pine. It’s a lot of money to do but I think it’ll be worth it. These down the hill will just have to wait.

I started some crock pot pintos for dinner and I’ll make chicken enchiladas after the tortillas thaw out later. I’ll make enough to freeze at least one dinners worth. Last week I did 20 stuffed potatoes and 12 bean burritos. It makes sense to make what we eat and not stuff that’s just extra. When I started batch cooking, I made all sorts of recipes from the freezer cookbook. But some weren’t really to our liking. So, live and learn.

So far still feeling pretty good except my ball of my foot, which I’m guessing is a bunion or arthritis ? I’m going to get a referral to a podiatrist but that may take time. Tonight’s my last revlimid for this cycle and then it’s wait for blood test and doctor appt.

Other than that nothing too much going on. That’s nice really.

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