Applegate fire and budget woes!

So, from my blog most of you know I work at a little branch library. It’s Applegate. So yesterday a fire started in 7 different areas on I-80. It closed the freeway and by afternoon evening there were mandatory evacuations. Pretty scary. I don’t work Thursdays so I’m ok, but will the library open. If she can get there probably. Hopefully it’s all better by this afternoon but it’s smokey here. Scary to think about evacuating. Grab your pets and go. So I’m worried about some of our older patrons who I know we’re evacuated. I hope their safe.

So on to budget stuff. We had our mortgage modified under one of the first Obama programs. It was great.and easy. But now the interest rate has changed per the modification and our payment has gone up $150. That’s quite a bit for us, but what’s really scaring me is it will change again next year too. I didn’t know that or chose to forget. But another $200 increase will kill us. We will have to sell. Any number crunching I’ve done for retirement is based on the old payment amount. So, it is difficult to think about. I’m not a mover and with my health always in question it will not be easy. But there is no

way with the new numbers could we do it. I’m going to call the mortgage company and see what they say but probably there’s nothing they can do as this was part of the loan agreement. Its very depressing to me and I hate to think about the stress if it all. I am also a planner and I guess I’d better start planning our options. Rent? Whatever.? I don’t know… It’s just hard to deal with this at our age.

otherwise, I’ve done well with not buying lots of groceries. Today I need to get 1/2 and 1/2 and some other things.

We also still do not have the car back from the repair shop. This is now 6 weeks and that is so messed up I can hardly deal with it.

Plus, since I’m off dex, everything is hurting more as dex is of course a steroid that is anti inflammatory. So that completely sucks. Yeah great to be off dex, boooo, I’m hurting.

gee what other bad news, oh the trees. We have now another one dying. The tree guy said it’s way complicated to get these down. It’s probably okay to leave them as they are down the hill. So we looked at the oak near the house and one pine. $1700 is the quote. We said ok, but now I’m really thinking we can’t afford it. They are not a threat yet so should we wait. I’m really insure. We really have so little savings and this would be a big hit. Plus we have property taxes due in December. Ugh…. We just can’t cut a break …

Well, on that dismal note, I’m off for the day.