October budget stuff and other news

So, yesterday was doctor day. My labs all look good. M-protein at .3 ,so good. It has been in this range since last February . He says I’m stable and he wants to try dropping dex,and see if revlimid will work alone. I’m willing to try. The only experience I’ve had with this is when I first relapsed in 2010, I tried revlimid alone and it didn’t work. But, it could be different now.,my body will know pretty quickly and since I see him once a month and have blood work, I’m not too worried. ( well, maybe a little). It’ll be weird to be off dex, but probably nice. I actually won’t see him till November as I have to work 2 Wednesdays in November , and other days don’t work either for one reason or another. But I’ll still get the labs done, so we will know if something changes. Hey, the great news is the labs are now on an online portal so it makes it so easy to check and less stressful.

OctoberI ¬†budget….well, im going to try and keep groceries low. Ha, I think always say that. But seriously I am. We’re going to do a freezer / pantry challenge and try and buy only essentials. We’ve been going to the produce market for vegies, so I’ll keep doing that.

we have to rent a wood splitter this weekend, and buy a car battery. I bought some garlic on line and I may look at potatoes. I really want to plant these at the right time( fall) to get a harvest. Let’s see what else. We need to pay the car insurance bill some on the credit card, and I’m hoping that’s it. Our Christmas fund is funded at $1000 but I always seem to go over with extras like food and little things. I’m not buying a real tree this year so that’ll save $.

November is house insurance and thanksgiving food. I’m still thinking thanksgiving menus and I’m pretty sure I’ll stick to basics.