SPEP test result

It’s up a tiny bit .4

this is from .3 so the question is do something by adding dex back in or go another month. I think I’d go for adding it back in maybe at 12 mg. he’ll probably say wait another month. But I know how my body works and waiting for it to go to .5 will mean it’ll take longer to get it back down to .2


I wrote a blog yesterday and then deleted it. Why? Well, I kinda felt it was a downer and a little like crying over spilt milk. Yes, in our youth we lived a simple life and still do. Lots of blogs I read( that make lots of money), are all about cooking simply, eating simply, baking , etc etc. With the WWW. All this is available instantly for people to read. Sometimes I feel why didn’t we have this then but that wasn’t the case. Not  30 years ago…. So, I just want to let that go and write about my life now. Living with myeloma, trying to be a minimalist, living simply and frugally. So that’s what I’ll do. I walk everyday and watch the day begin, live that day as best I can and then get up and do it all over again. I’m fortunate that with my myeloma I’m not symptomatic right now except my red and white blood counts are low.

I’m off to the library for an iPad training( really?). I mean all I use is an iPad. I guess it’s a way to waste some money. Then I’m going to drop off a load to good will or Salvation Army. I sorta hate to give to goodwill as they are profit and SA isn’t. But there drop off is so easy. Then home and bookclub at  4.