Book reviews

First of all, I’m a huge reader of all kinds of things. Fiction, non fiction, etc.

So with all the hoopla about Outlander, I thought I’d re- read it. Now I know why I promptly forgot it. Ok , the first half is pretty good when she goes thru the Stonehenge type rocks from 1945 to Scotland in the 1600 or 1700. Can’t remember. Then after she marries Jamie, well it’s downhill with sex. Jamie this way, Jamie that way, Jamie beating her up( at least her backside). Frankly, I got pretty bored about makeup sex and so on. So , then when I finished , I realized why it didn’t impress me. Maybe it’s just me but that and Fifty Shades of Grey just doesn’t do it for me.

So, the I reread, A Discovery of Witches, and WOW, I remembered why it is such a great book. All the way to the end. Time travel, vampires and yes, sex, but not overdone. So it’s a great read and she’s a very fine writer.

Okay, Costco today and winco so I’m tired. But my daughter helped and that’s a good thing.

My foot joint has been really hurting since I went off dex. I guess it’s an osteoarthritis thing or a bunion or gout. I have no idea, but it hurts and is somewhat numb. I’m assuming the dex, an anti inflammatory , was keeping this at bay. Why does it always have to be something. Pisses me off. Oh well, I’ll have to decide, see my GP or just live with this pain. ;(